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sports performance Training

Unleash Your Athletic

World-class performance training.
World-class muscle, bone & joint care. 

Elite Core Strength, Speed, Agility & Conditioning For Athletes

Are you looking to elevate your athletic performance, regardless of your sport or skill level? Whether you're on the court, in the rink, or out on the field, the power of core strength, conditioning, speed, and agility is universal and critical for peak performance. With an emphasis on speed reaction, stress resistance, quality of movement, and injury prevention, our programs amplify your current strengths and unearth new ones.


Progressive training, expert guidance, and a track record of success—that's the Excelsior Edge. Our scientifically backed training techniques are designed to foster fast, strong, and skilled movements that give you the winning edge.

Unleash your athletic potential

Are you ready to break past your limits and optimize your performance on the field or court? Then step into focused training with Excelsior Sports Performance. Our comprehensive training programs will foster improvement in your physical capabilities, overall game strategy, and injury resistance and push you to peak performance.

  • Tailored Programs: Whether you're gearing up for the season or maintaining off-season prowess, find your perfect fit with group training, one-on-one sessions, and team sessions.

  • All Sports, All Athletes: Football, basketball, soccer, baseball, dance, ice skating, or anything in between – our method hones the specific skills needed in your sport.

  • Reduce Injury Risks: Don't just play it safe, play it smart. Our techniques are proven to fortify your body against injury by reinforcing proper athletic movements. And, if you sustain an injury, turn to our world-class medical experts who specialize in caring for muscles, bones and joints. 

  • Fuel Your Body: Integrate proper nutrition into your training regimen with our nutritionists, and you'll see improvements in your athletic abilities and overall health and well-being.

Elevate your game with Excelsior Sports Performance

It's not just about the game days; it's about every day leading up to them. Why wait to gain that competitive edge? Whether your goal is to turn pro or simply to dominate your next local competition, we’re here to make it happen. Fill out the form below or give us a call to schedule your first session.

Join Us Today For Year Round Victories!

our facility 

Excelsior Sports Performance is conveniently located at Flash Fields (part of  Sahlen's Sports Park) in Elma, NY, a state-of-the-art complex that boasts outdoor athletic fields, including FIFA regulation soccer fields, and field markings for lacrosse, field hockey and more - serving the needs of athletes of all ages across a wide variety of sports.

clean, spacious, equipment loaded sports training facility

clean, spacious & equipment loaded

team training at Excelsior Sports Performance

Designed for athletes of all ages

sports performance facility, outdoor sports park, elma ny

Access to Indoor & outdoor campus


From team training to our group sessions, we create programs to fit your needs! From sport-specific training to movement analysis, our team will guide you so you can feel confident knowing that you're taking the right steps toward a successful career as an athlete and leading a healthy, happy lifestyle. 

Group Training - Youth (Fit2Play)

For athletes under 18, Fit2Play offers developmentally-appropriate group training designed to build confidence, improve agility, develop speed, increase flexibility and prevent injury.

Group Training - Adult (Fit4Life)

If you’re a former athlete, or involved in a sport activity, Fit4Life offers functional training and three-dimensional movements which enhance athletic performance, and minimize the risk of injury.


For athletes training for a special event such as 11 Day Power Play, The Good Climb, and summer performance camps for athletes looking to enter seasonal competition with an athletic advantage.

team training

For teams in any sport, we offer group training programs designed to take your performance as a team to a new level.

Keiyan's Story

When Keiyan couldn't overcome knee pain that was holding him back from playing his best, he came to Excelsior Sports Performance where expert coaches specialize in helping athletes be the best they can be.

sports team working on speed and agility training at excelsior sports performance


"My daughter has been training with Excelsior for the past six months and she loves going to work with the team!!! She is improving every session." 


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