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performance training

be your best with the Excelsior Edge

Every athlete knows that it takes more than a little hard work to be at the top of the game. Whether you’re trying to improve your technique, avoid overuse injuries, or enhance your strength and conditioning performance, Excelsior Sports Performance can give you an edge over your competition. Our performance coaches, athletic trainers, and physical therapists have customized training programs and state-of-the-art facilities that are ready to help you excel.

customized training from our elite team

From team training to our group sessions, we create programs to fit your needs! From movement analysis to sport-specific training, our team will guide you so you can feel confident knowing that you're taking the right steps toward a successful career as an athlete and leading a healthy, happy lifestyle. Our highly knowledgeable, experienced team is here and ready to help you excel.

better performance, healthier you!

Alongside our broad suite of medical services, the Sports Performance team is here to help you stay in the game. Our performance programs aren’t just about improving your on-the-field success - they’re a way to reduce risk of future injuries, gain strength, improve flexibility, stay motivated and make training fun! There is no better time than now to take the first step toward improvement - download our app to see available programs!

Our Sports performance programs

youth athletes working and speed and agility training at excelsior sports performance

Group Training - Youth (Fit2Play)

For athletes under 18, Fit2Play offers developmentally-appropriate group training designed to build confidence, increase strength and flexibility, improve agility, develop speed, increase flexibility and prevent injury. Fit2Play offers programming for middle schoolers and high schoolers, each tailored to focus on skills to serve them throughout their athletic career.

adults active in sports working on functional training at excelsior sports performance

Group Training - Adult (Fit4Life)

If you’re an adult who’s still active in sports and looking to stay active for as long as possible, our Fit4Life program is for you! Fit4Life is based upon functional training and three-dimensional movements which will not only enhance athletic performance, but also minimize the risk of injury - now and into the future!

high school athletes working on agility and coordination at excelsior sport performance

team training

Teams that train together, win together, so for teams in any sport, we offer group training programs designed to take your performance as a team to a new level.

athletes of all ages working through functional training for improved performance

seasonal programs

We offer specific performance programs for special events, such as our 11 Day Power Play, The Good Climb, and summer performance camps for athletes looking to enter seasonal competition with an athletic advantage. Our team works with collegiate athletes on break. These Seasonal Programs help our community make the most of short seasons, time off, or special community events.

injury prevention training with one-on-one focus

additional programs

In addition to our group training programs, we also offer individual programs built around personal goals, needs and abilities, including one-on-one training sessions and a special program called “BRIDGE” which helps an athlete who has recovered from an injury ramp back up to full participation in his/her sport.

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