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performance lifestyle

the importance of wellness & recovery in sports performance training

To perform at your very best, you need more than just the right training program.  You need to live what we at Excelsior Sports Performance call a “performance lifestyle.”  Among other things that includes eating right, getting the right amount of rest and being very mindful of the steps you need to take to recover from your activities. 

While those things may just sound like common sense advice, the fact is there’s a science to all of that.  At Excelsior Sports Performance we understand that science and we know how to apply it to athletes in particular.  So, we offer a range of other services that will help you take your athletic performance to its highest level and allow you to live your best life!


The role of proper nutrition in achieving peak athletic performance is too often minimized or ignored completely. Food is your fuel! The right combination of nutrients and timing of intake can greatly improve energy levels, weight and body composition, mental focus, strength and power - leading to optimized performance and better results in competition.


One of the many things that sets Excelsior Sports Performance from other sports training programs is the fact that our team includes Registered Dieticians – experts in the use of food and nutrition to maximize your athletic performance and overall health, and here you’ll have ready access to these experts. Through consultations with one of our sports nutritionists, you’ll ensure you’re fueling your body the right way.

sports massage

Give your hardworking muscle and joints the care they need! Let our massage team provide an individual approach to your hands on care.  Clients receive massage, stretching, and other recovery techniques as clinically indicated.

**Please note, this service is only offered at Excelsior Orthopaedics Physical and Occupational Therapy facility at 3925 Sheridan Drive in Amherst

athletic profile

At Excelsior Sports Performance, we acknowledge that each athlete is unique. In order to achieve the best possible effect from training, it is necessary to have an accurate assessment of the athlete’s physical capabilities and limitations. This assessment is called the Athletic Profile and it includes a number of advanced analysis tools depending on the athlete’s circumstances and goals. The Athletic Profile identifies information about the athlete and provides a point of reference from which training will start. The Athletic Profile is also administered upon the completion of training and provides a clear picture of the athlete’s response to training. It also allows the performance coach to design future programming for increased performance.

inBody testing

Everyone has a unique body composition, and this impacts your training and performance. A very simple, non-invasive InBody 570 scan provides information about visceral fat, segmental fat, intracellular water, and extracellular water, which our expert team will use to develop a truly customized performance program that takes your individual physiology into account.

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