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sports performance Training

be your best
with the
excelsior edge

World-class performance training.
World-class muscle, bone & joint care. 

the excelsior edge

Are you a young athlete looking to take your game to another level or an adult who just wants to stay in the game? No one in Western New York is more qualified to help you than the pros at Excelsior Sports Performance.

That’s because the Excelsior Sports Performance team includes not only world-class sports training experts who specialize in the development of athletic strength, speed and agility, but also world-class medical experts who specialize in the care of muscles, bones and joints.

That’s what we call the “Excelsior Edge” - a truly unique and powerful combination that will ensure your training will maximize your athletic performance while also minimizing your risk of injury. And if you do happen to get injured, you can be sure that you’ll have ready access to everything you’ll need to get back in the game - the best orthopedic care in WNY from our team of top doctors, as well as the best physical therapy from our team of top therapists.

Add to that the nutrition guidance offered by our registered dieticians and the day-to-day recovery treatments from our sports and medical massage experts, and it’s clear that Excelsior Sports Performance is an unbeatable team – one that will help you achieve your athletic goal, whether that’s a D1 scholarship or just to keep playing pickleball.

To be your very best (and to stay that way), you need the Excelsior Edge!

Performance Training

Every athlete knows that it takes more than a little hard work to be at the top of the game. Whether you’re trying to improve your technique, avoid overuse injuries, or enhance your strength and conditioning performance, Excelsior Sports Performance can give you an edge over your competition. 


If you sustain an injury as an athlete, your recovery needs to be expedited,  complete, and long-term - that's one of the many benefits of working with Excelsior Sports Performance.  Our integrated musculoskeletal model keeps your doctors, physical therapists, and performance coaches working together on your recovery. 

performance lifestyle

Food is your fuel! The right combination of nutrients and timing of intake can greatly improve energy levels, weight and body composition, mental focus, strength and power - leading to optimized performance, better results and provides everything you need to recover from a tough workout.

sports performance facility 

Excelsior Sports Performance is conveniently located at Flash Fields (part of  Sahlen's Sports Park) in Elma, NY, a state-of-the-art complex that boasts outdoor athletic fields, including FIFA regulation soccer fields, and field markings for lacrosse, field hockey and more - serving the needs of athletes of all ages across a wide variety of sports.

Our brand-new facility is stocked with athletic training equipment of all kinds, giving our trainers and athletes a comfortable, clean, well-lit, and spacious place to get creative, work hard and have fun! Flash Fields is one of the area’s top campuses for sports and recreation programs of all types. From the facilities to the staff to the athletes who come through the doors, nothing says “sports” quite like Sahlen’s Sports Park!

clean, spacious, equipment loaded sports training facility

clean, spacious & equipment loaded

team training at Excelsior Sports Performance

Designed for athletes of all ages

sports performance facility, outdoor sports park, elma ny

Access to Indoor & outdoor campus

athletic trainer spotting high school athlete while weight lifting at Excelsior Sports Performance

upcoming events 

F.A.S.T. Summer Performance camp


Middle & High School:


June 3- August 2

Middle School & High School
Novice, Intermediate & Advanced
June 24 - August 16

ESP@Flash Fields
6831 Seneca Street, Elma, NY 

meet the team

Josette Fisher - directr of sports medicine and wellness at excelsior sports performance

Josette Fisher,PT, ATC, CSCS

jim starkey, sports performance coordinator at excelsior sports performance

Jim Starkey, MS, ATC, CSCS


From team training to our group sessions, we create programs to fit your needs! From sport-specific training to movement analysis, our team will guide you so you can feel confident knowing that you're taking the right steps toward a successful career as an athlete and leading a healthy, happy lifestyle. 

Group Training - Youth (Fit2Play)

For athletes under 18, Fit2Play offers developmentally-appropriate group training designed to build confidence, improve agility, develop speed, increase flexibility and prevent injury.

Group Training - Adult (Fit4Life)

If you’re a former athlete, or involved in a sport activity, Fit4Life offers functional training and three-dimensional movements which enhance athletic performance, and minimize the risk of injury.


For athletes training for a special event such as 11 Day Power Play, The Good Climb, and summer performance camps for athletes looking to enter seasonal competition with an athletic advantage.

team training

For teams in any sport, we offer group training programs designed to take your performance as a team to a new level.

Keiyan's Story

When Keiyan couldn't overcome knee pain that was holding him back from playing his best, he came to Excelsior Sports Performance where expert coaches specialize in helping athletes be the best they can be.


Signing up for our training programs is easier than ever! All of our training programs take place at our brand new Sports Performance facility in Elma, NY, and you can sign up using the Excelsior Orthopaedics App. Download the app directly or you complete the sign-up form link below and login instruction will be emailed to you. If you have a question, give us a call or contact us via email - we're happy to help athletes of all ages getter better, faster and stronger!

download the app

Download the app to view schedules & book sessions at Excelsior Orthopaedics Sports Performance!

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sports team working on speed and agility training at excelsior sports performance


"My daughter has been training with Excelsior for the past six months and she loves going to work with the team!!! She is improving every session." 


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