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Sports Performance
group training - YOUTH


For collegiate, high school, and middle school athletes, Fit2Play offers developmentally appropriate group training designed to build confidence, increase strength and flexibility, improve agility, develop speed, and prevent injury. Fit2Play offers programming for middle school through college, with each program tailored to focus on skills designed to serve athletes throughout their athletic career.


There are two levels of our Fit2Play Program – Novice and Intermediate/Advanced.  All new athletes will take a Fit2Play assessment to determine which group would be most appropriate to begin training.


The NOVICE group is perfect for youth athletes who have not previously performed strength and conditioning or have been training for less than 2 months consistently.  This group is focused on introduction and emphasis of skill development. Our coaches will teach you how to move properly, help you get familiar with performance training terminology, and develop confidence in the weight room. Drills in the program prioritize balance, coordination, speed, agility, strength, flexibility, and mobility. Upon recommendation of our coaches and completion of the NOVICE program, athletes may move into our intermediate/advanced Fit2Play group!


The INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED group sessions are designed to take your athletic skill to the next level! This group is appropriate for athletes who have previously undertaken a sports performance program and have familiarity with strength and conditioning. (Typically more than 2 months or consistent training.)   This includes the instruction of higher intensity drills to further challenge athletes including olympic weightlifting, higher speed/resisted sprints, and more explosive plyometrics.   

small group of athletes working on coordination and agility sports training
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