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SPORTS PERFORMANCE training - adult


If you’re an adult who still enjoys being active in sports and is looking to stay active for as long as possible, our Fit4Life program is for you! Our Fit4Life group sessions are ideal for the active adult/adult athlete looking to improve various parameters of fitness. Fit4Life is a full-body, 60 minute session coached by our sports performance staff with a focus on functional strength, endurance, and flexibility.  Clients in this program can expect a variety of exercises and drills to challenge and improve their abilities, while also seeking to minimize the risk of injury while participating in your sport(s) of choice - now and into the future. 


With Fit4Life you can enhance your quality of life and improve your athletic performance at the same time! 


A Fit4 Life Assessment will help determine your placement in one of our two Fit4Life Groups – Novice or Intermediate/Advanced.

seniors training together in a group session
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